Attachment-1 (42)Warning, I wrote this when I wasn’t feeling good.  I wrote it to clear some of that feeling out.  I don’t know how these things will affect you, maybe, hopefully, not at all.  But I don’t want someone to read this… poem?… and get sad because I was.  Besides, it doesn’t rhyme.

My fingers fidget,

My shoulders tighten,

My hands are restless,

I close my eyes.

My arms ache,

My legs cramp,

I sigh and sigh and sigh,

I can’t get rid of this dark breath.

No tears, but threaten,

every thought so fierce,

and then so tired,

the world so so far away.

I do not want to,

but I cannot quit,

I do not care to,

but I cannot give in.

Hands held down,

from heaven above,

keep me standing,

face down in the mud.

Baby hands,

held open wide,

calling for Daddy,

to survive.

Pick me up,

when sorrow reigns,

pick me up,

again and again.

To fight the sorrow,

to fight the fear,

to fight the sadness,

for eyes so dear.

Remind me child,

remind me child,

that I too am loved.

Remind me child,

remind me child,

that I too am loved.

Pray for me child,

and hold me close,

I know that I too am loved.

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