I was teaching myself to draw flowers when I drew this flower. I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a project and decided to use a canvas frame and acrylic paints, both mediums I hadn’t really used before.IMG_20150214_163646621_1

I am so, so pleased with how this turned out. The acrylic paint was a bit more painstaking to use than watercolors (which is what I typically use) but it enabled me to create the vibrant effect I wanted for this piece.IMG_20150214_163757168_HDR_1 I don’t always plan my projects out in their entirety (which drives Kerry nuts, he likes to have the complete plan;) so while I knew I wanted to write in the margins I didn’t know -what- I wanted to write. The gold, white and red color combo made me think of Beauty from “Beauty and the Beast” and voila! I knew “beauty” had to be my word. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do!IMG_20150214_163736885_1

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