Dear Desert

Attachment-1 (42)~~~~~~~

Dear wind,

Blow bravely by.

Do not pause and wait for me to cry.

Dear sun,

Light lonely I.

The night, too empty dark, passes by.

Dear earth,

Ever empty.

Release my soul, take this husk empty.

Oh Heaven,

Beckon me home.

This world is hard that I ever roam.

~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~

Dear wind,

Howl honest rage.

Shriek and scream! Rattle my rusting cage.

Dear sun,

Warm watching me.

I need comfort in order to breathe.

Dear earth,

So solid strong.

Keep me up, standing, singing this song.

Oh Heaven,

Quick quiet me.

Here is my place, this my life to be.

~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~

Dear wind,

Sing softly so.

That I can, that I will, loving go.

Dear sun,

Brighten on me.

Light my soul, fill my eyes, so merrily!

Dear earth,

Stay firmly still.

So I may quietly, bow to His will.

Oh Heaven,

Thank truly you.

That I down here, can do what I do.


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