How I Do: Botanical Watercolor Letters on Canvas

First, credit where credit is due. I got the idea for these botanical letters from this site. And the letter cutouts I found here. I downloaded all of the letters because I’m thinking this is a great idea for my etsy store (I would link to it but it’s on vacation mode) …. But first I created some for the kiddos. They’ve always been incredibly supportive of my artistic endeavors (my son tells me I’m the greatest artist he knows, haha) so I wanted to show some love back. I started with these:

Here’s a shot of my concept drawing, which was considerably smaller than what I ended up doing. Basically you want to fill up your letter with all sorts of things: flowers, leaves, swirly lines, butterflies. Make it dense enough that when you erase the guidelines you can tell which letter you tried to create.

And here’s the “B”, done on an 8×10 canvas. Ignore the guidelines that I apparently didn’t erase … My son LOVES the swirly lines. The background is a pale blue watercolor wash and I did most of the inking in with this pen (that’s not an affiliate link … I was just too lazy to take a picture). While doing the “A” I switched back to my trusty quill pen and Dr. Martin India Ink because the pen just wasn’t cutting it.

And here’s the “A”. Turquoise background and a better-planned (at least in my opinion) botanical paradise. My daughter loves my white sharpie pen so I used that liberally throughout and followed her color scheme (she has FAVORITES). I like both letters but I “feel” better about the “A”.

I’m thinking about doing a couple more … It really didn’t take too much time, maybe 2-3 hours from start to finish. The surface of the canvas is a bit rough and I imagine this would be a LOT easier on paper but this is what I had on hand.

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