Running poem

Attachment-1 (42)I will write, to run tonight, motivate me ever right.

Tell myself, get off this shelf, get up and out, it will help.

Out the door, feet on the floor, into the wind, beg for more.

Up a hill, down if I will, around the bend, wind so chill.

Run me now, run, run me now, run me some more! No more chow!

Feet pound, pound, Feet to the ground, “Fatty go away”, the sound.

So much tired, so weak I swerve, but up again, un-murdered.

Get on up, pain is your cup, puke is great, my lungs erupt.

Push it out, Run all about, “Never stop, Never”, I shout.

My hands shake, like an earthquake, lay them down for the room’s sake.

Heart thump, thump, when things go bump, no muscles move, I’m a lump.

Sleep begin, I breathe again, I fight the night but it wins.

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