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My latest doodle. Meet “Rose”.

I’ve been sharing photos of my progress on this project on Instagram, little bits at a time. Here’s the finished result:Snapseed (3) I find doodling to be restful, but sticking to the Zentangle formula restricting. I like following the discipline, though, because it makes me slow down, to see that small patterns repeated many times can create something beautiful.IMG_1978 I love the blackletter style of calligraphy.Snapseed (2) It’s hard to see in my photos (I need to take a photography class one of these days, it’s simply something I’ve never paid attention to) but there are silver dots all over the place. It makes me happy and the drawing all shiny.Snapseed (1)You can find this piece in my Etsy shop. I’ve got it priced at $32. And feel free to ask for a custom piece; my strength is drawing flowers and we can always add a bit of calligraphy to make it all posh.

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