The Rose Trifecta

I shared the first rose last week. I’m taking the whole “zen” approach to heart here and I’m not planning out any of these roses. I did decide they should be a set, though, and I love the combination.

The next trilogy (in progress!) I do I’ll make sure the colors match. I think the combined effect works in this case (that’s my kitchen wall, I want to enjoy my art while I wait for it to be sold) but I have issues with matching and symmetry and spacing.

Close up on “Dusky Rose” (4×6):

And the other rose, “Dusky Rose Three” (5×7):

This one I wasn’t sure about when I started. I thought I spaced the roses funky BUT I’m going with the flow so I persevered and I ended up liking this one the best. You’ll notice the smaller roses have no calligraphy; since my shop name is “wordsremember” I try to incorporate words into every piece but I figured making this into a set counted.

You can find these pieces in my etsy shop, wordsremember. Use the coupon code ROSE3 (through April 30) for 15% off the set! The frames are not included in the price. Also be aware that these are made to order and allow a couple of weeks (or more, but I’ll let you know up front) for me to draw them and ship! (There might be slight variations to the roses; I’ll stick as close to the original as possible but I’ve noticed I usually make small changes. It won’t affect the integrity of the work and your roses will still be beautiful.)

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