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Meet “Be Brave”

I bought new pens (faber-castell, the brightly colored artist ones) and wanted to try them. Since my backyard is turning into a smorgasbord of spring-iness I went with a green theme and the words, “Be Brave”. It’s a personal motto I’ve been mulling over lately (I’ve got lots of them). It’s for sale in the shop (Update: it’s been sold but I plan on re-listing this one, I like it that much) and I’ve got it on my wall, so I can enjoy it while it waits for a new owner.

8x10 Original Pen & Ink Zen Inspired Drawing on Paper with Calligraphy,
8×10 Original Pen & Ink Zen Inspired Drawing on Paper with Calligraphy, “Be Brave”
A different angle on
A different angle on “Be Brave”

I love this flower. It very much looks like the flowers in the movie Tangled so I’ve stayed away from purple and gold (so far anyway). Judging by the response I’ve gotten from Instagram, Facebook and Etsy other people really like this style of drawing as well. I’ve found my niche! (well, until I decide I need to grow as an artist and move to another medium/form/what-have-you).

Oh, check out our new page in our Art & Calligraphy Gallery. I’ve been updated photos/links and I think it’s looking pretty good.

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