Immortal Centuries in Lunar Absence

Attachment-1 (42)In a room with no sun,

my heart molds.

In a world with no soul,

my center folds. 

Come azimuth of my future,

Break shatter fall.





In a place with no paths,

my feet slide.

In a house with no home,

my eyes die.

Northern star seek my present.

Build lift raise. 

Watch the sand drip along the dunes

Grains trailing along past the stones

Piles pierced by dead bushes

Thorns discarded like flowers of pain

Pick up my face

Put it on my face

Feel the role settle in

Smile grimly at fate.

The dance begins

I slip

I stand

The music spins

I kick

On hands

Hear the beat

Hear the drums

Life calls to me

Legs move

I sway

The fiddler plays

Angels clap

Devils grin

A thousand roles,

a thousand faces,

A hundred million helpless cases.

The dust settles

The mask grins

Am I me?

Or am I him?

Life a role,

a duty,

a trial,

a challenge,

a hope,

a heartbeat,

forever and never.






Reasons I have

Hopes to hold to

Purpose to show

Dreams to go

Coffee in Styrofoam

Eternity in discarded dust.

Apologize for nothing.

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