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Meet “Flowers Feed the Soul”

This beauty has a long name but I couldn’t think up a better one. I talked about my new sharpies and doodled on a 4×6 but then I started on a larger project.

Gah my hand cramped after inking in this one. I was trying to figure out why my hand was tiring (no dirty thoughts, I’m talking strictly sharpie pens here, which actually doesn’t help all that much. So, no dirty thoughts;) and I think it’s because I’m trying to reduce the white space in my compositions.

A closer look at one of the flowers. Himself doesn’t like orange. I like the vibrancy of it.

The vines and leaves. I don’t like the look of the sharpie pens by themselves so I added zen doodling elements (every piece I’ve done lately has had dots or swirls in there somewhere).

And a photo with the frame. I’ve got this sitting on my bookshelf right now. It took me quite a bit longer to finish this (again, I think it’s the scope of the piece and the sharpie pens tend to bleed so I have to be more careful) so I priced it a bit higher and added a new section to my etsy shop for “Sharpie Art”. I’m working on another piece which I should be able to share next week (I think it’ll be epic).

Happy Thursday! Go forth and art!

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