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Fabulous Friday

TGIF. It’s been a week for us. We homeschool our kids and, as will happen, we had a few bumpy patches. I think it’ll be ok, I feel as if I’ve gained insight into the issue, but I’m incredibly depleted. A couple days of no school, unhindered arting and arting with my kids will hopefully soothe the soul. And here’s a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I made this for my daughter. She adores maps and is pretty solid on north and south but not east and west so I’d thought I’d make a guide to help her. I’m not normally a fan of the solid geometric style but I do like how this turned out.

I’ll do justice to this piece later (it’s in the etsy shop!) but I really, really like this rose so I wanted to share a close-up.

I’m currently working on a piece of sharpie-style illumination. I’ll be taking pictures before and after I add the calligraphy. I’m nervous that I’ll somehow mess up the lettering, which will be sad because the border is particularly cool. Anyways, have yourself a fab Friday and go forth and art. (Yes, I know that’s cheesy)

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