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Meet “Nothing is Impossible”

I’ve been having so much fun with my sharpie pens and I’ve been wanting to do more illumination-style pieces so I cooked up this beauty:

I aged the paper with coffee and started adding borders. I rarely have a complete plan in mind when I start and this was no exception. Here’s how it looks in a frame:

I was really concerned I might mess up the calligraphy bit so I took several pictures while I was working on the border. Here’s one before I added the gold elements:

Aaaand a close up:

On a lovely blue background:

The calligraphy is a variant of the Italic hand. I used my Speedball C4 nib. So far I’m not able to achieve a truly smooth look; the nibs tend to snag a bit on this paper (strathmore brand). I’m not sure if it’s the nib or just par for the course; I’ll be ordering a different brand next time to see if I can get that flowy look.

And of course it’s in my etsy shop. I’ve been steadily increasing the number of items and I’m almost to fifty, my current goal (woot!). Later this week I’ll share some pictures of an 11×14 piece I’m working on. I remembered to take pictures during the process so you can see how I construct the border.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I do accept commissions. For the time being I’m conducting all transactions through my etsy shop but feel free to also email me at if you have questions.

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