The Making of a Sharpie Illumination: Sun, Moon and Stars

I have thought about photographically following one of my creations from beginning to end but I’d forget, think “next time!” And then I’d forget again. But here we are! I actually thought I’d have to scrap this project several times. A cell phone landed on it, I messed up a few lines, etc., but I was able to adjust and compensate. And it turned out beautifully.

So this border was going to be an elegant, Celtic Knot type thing.

It wasn’t an elegant, Celtic Knot type thing. So I went with it and turned it into informal bubbles.

Yeah, at this point I was convinced it wouldn’t turn out. Still mourning the non-elegance. But then I started to add color.

There was hope!

This wasn’t the final border like I thought. Things needed to be added when a cell phone skipped across the top and left smudges. But enough of that, look at the sun:

See how smallish it is? It turned out quite a bit larger thanks to that pesky cell phone. I probably should’ve taken a picture of the damage but I was too emotionally devastated.

Adding the moons. This was Himself’s idea; I knew I wanted to add moons but had no cohesive plan so he suggested following the phases of the moon. It worked brilliantly.

Moons done. Here I was contemplating what to add next.

I have a hard time knowing when to stop when I’m in doodling mode. I ended up adding gold elements in addition to the silver. I also was quite pleased with my calligraphy (from Genesis 1); I used my Nikko G nib and Speedball holder and I thought the effect was very smooth.

One of the photos I took for my etsy shop.

And in the frame. I like all my pieces but I really like this one because it reminds me to persevere, it might not be as messed up as it seems. You can’t tell at all that adjustments had to be made.

Check out my etsy shop if you haven’t already. I’m going to start redoing some of the photos as I think my shop looks too white. I bought purple and green sheets to use as a background and I’m pleased with the results (photography is not my strongest skill).

Happy Friday!

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