The Mummy

Attachment-1 (42)Someone tell me what to write. 

Tell me what is right. 

Wrap me up in lies. 

Wrap my soul inside

and bury me in rocks of rules

and under stones of expectations. 

Pour golden hopes

and shining dreams


but out of reach,


in thin whispers I cannot keep.

 Tell others I was great

 but lock me away. 

Tell others I was King

why am I not free? 

Cover me in years and sand. 

Take away my golden land. 

Demon free I guess I’ll be. 

Locked here for eternity.

Come find me when it’s far too late.

 Dig me out of my foolish fate. 

Bring me back to your homes so cold. 

Stare at my withered self

and gossip about the hopes

and dreams you took from me. 

Carry me around

city to city and place to place

 but never let me truly show my face. 

A heart so dry and hands so frail,

to fear the touch of air. 

A metal shell

keep me from your hell

but in truth keep you from mine. 

A case to hold my lonely mind.

Fear my curse I laugh,

yours is ever so worse. 

I may be trapped

but you’re the one with a lurch. 

I cannot dream

but you don’t. 

I cannot hope,

and hah you won’t.

Watch the years pass by,

I’ll try to cry. 

But there are no tears inside

and sand cannot weep

so why should we?

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