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Inking in the Azmayan

Before we dive into the pictures, I wanted to announce that the Wordsremember Store is open! It only has one item in it (which you’re about to see pictures of) but it’s there! The plan right now is to put our collaborative works there and not in my etsy store. I don’t feel that etsy is the best place to sell fine art (although it’s a good place to start) so I’ll be putting the pieces that I think fall into that category here exclusively. I also want to dive into the world of prints and I think “The Azmayan” is a good place to start, it’s so rich and vibrant in color. So stay tuned, I’ll make an announcement when the prints are ready. But enough of that, go look at the pictures!

The beginning, before any inking. Himself claims that his lines are super shaky. I think they’re fine.

Himself designed and drew the middle section. I inked it in and then added color.

I added the silver and gold and it really started looking amazing.

The geometric border is coming together. That part took me several hours and some pain to complete.

And it’s done! We both adore the final product.
Materials used (affiliate links included, I go through a lot of art supplies):

Strathmore%20Mixed Media Paper Pad, 9 by 12-Inch, 15 SheetsStrathmore Mixed Media Paper

Sharpie%2032893PP Ultra-Fine Point Permanent Marker, Assorted Colors, 24-PackSharpie Pens, 80s Glam

Sakura%2030068 8-Piece Pigma Micron Assorted Colors 01 Ink Pen SetMicron Pens, Assorted Colors

Pilot%20Gold and Silver Metallic Permanent Paint Markers, Extra Fine Point, Set of 2 Markers (41400)Oil-Based Pain Markers, Silver and Gold

Happy Tuesday!

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