A cheerful poem

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A friend told me

tried to show me

said hey bro

what you don’t know

I denied, tried, lied

but in the end I sighed

what was there to do

but admit that its true

I write sad poetry

tears and frowns and me

I try so hard to be glad

but in the end I miss it so bad

So call me maybe, because

I’ll try and keep your trust

So here is my funny poem

where the clowns roam

Wait what’s that?

Clown in a big hat?

Wait why so scared?

Its just a smiling clown there.

That’s just not fair

He’s got curly hair

You should laugh, its fun.

Wait, stop, halt, don’t run.

What’s wrong?  How did I miss?

I thought you’re better than this.

Clowns are funny I swear

The only thing dark is their hair.

A friend of mine commented to me about the Angel poem that I like dark poetry and I took offense.  Well not offense but I was certain my poetry isn’t all sad and mopey but I couldn’t argue otherwise so, here is my rebuttal. 😛  Enjoy.

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