Return of the Azmayan: Prints! For Sale!

Guys guys guys guys guys. I have prints. It may be silly but it feels like I’ve graduated, like I’ve made a positive investment in our journey as artists. I even found a local printer who can scan my larger pieces (my current printer will only do 8×10). I am so freaking excited.

I think it looks smashing.
I think it looks smashing.

SO. I have two for sale on the website (I did put one up on etsy, I wanted to see how it was received there), one 8×10 (for $25+shipping) and one 11×14 ($35+shipping). Giclee, Somerset Velvet, ordered from iprintfromhome (if you order anything from them use my name at checkout-Wordsremember-and I get to become an ambassador). I felt the prices were reasonable and I’m really happy with how the prints turned out. I do want to try other methods of printing just to see what I like best but again, I’m really happy with these.

I really like this in a white frame.
I really like this in a white frame.

Happy Tuesday! Go forth and art!

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