T’kk’tck and a door.


T’kk’tck scowled at the door.  It was a very ordinary door.  Barely enough wood to count as a barrier and a handle that only avoided rust due to the constant oils of a thousand patrons.  This whole hotel was rather bland, a small place, dirty.  Not scary enough to avoid but definitely one that catered to the poorer classes.

The door wasn’t a problem, but breaking it was.  Even someone whose family was as well connected as his was couldn’t really afford to go breaking down doors all around town without having a fairly good reason.  Especially when the most likely result of breaking that door is a fight that leaves a room on fire and a large hole in a wall or ceiling.  He needed to be sure.

[Are you sure it’s in there?]

D’ng nodded back gracefully, her wings chiming soundlessly.

[Really sure?]

D’ng’s amethyst eyes narrowed as gears worked to close the shutters that were her pupils.  A low thrum echoed in his mind.  He shrugged back at her.

[I just don’t want to make a mista-]

The door shattered into pieces as the chaos lizard came through it, slamming him against the wall and crowing viciously through the three or four beaks it was currently manifesting.  T’kk’tck tried to scream in a more manly and less panicked manner but the “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” he was hearing didn’t sound like he was succeeding.

D’ng moved, a sound of chimes and bells, and the lizard was off him and bouncing down the hall.  She flowed after him, metal boots pounding the wooden planks with a familiar rhythm.  The lizard saw her coming and scrambled down a side hall.  She turned to follow effortlessly and disappeared out of sight.

T’kk’tck groaned and rolled to his feet.  Searching through the rubble of the door he found the wand that had been in his hand when the door exploded.  Sighing he scooped it up and trotted off after his companion and their foe.

D’ng voice popped into his mind.  Each word sounded almost bored with a mechanical precision, even through the sarcasm.

<It has exited through a window.  I jumped after and am holding it in the middle of the courtyard.  Your more rapid assistance would be helpful.>

T’kk’tck scrambled to the shattered window and stared down at the wreckage below.  The lizard was changing form so rapidly he couldn’t tell what exactly it was going for.  But in the middle of that misshapen blob crouched D’ng, her hands clasped firmly around whatever made up the essence of the creature and holding it in place.  Her wings thrashed and blurred trying to hold of the worst of the attacks from her prisoner.

He held still and propped his right elbow against what remained of the wall, both hands cradling the wand as he leveled it on the creature and tried to aim.

[On my mark turn him to me.  Three, two, WAIT NO DON”T LET HIM-]

The creature squirmed free and the shot went wide, a brilliant purple streak of energy scoring the dirt and leaving burn marks as it scattered. T’kk’tck mutter and jumped out the window.  As he fell he snapped the feather he had tied to his belt and the fall turned into a float.

He floated down and the lizard scampered back into a, mostly, lizard shape and went up a wall and onto the roof tiles.  D’ng lept into the air at the same time gaining height to follow the beast.  As she soared past T’kk’tck grabbed an ankle and floated after her like a balloon.

Quite literally like a balloon.  Although he was practically weightless he wasn’t wind resistant-less and he fluttered behind her as she picked up speed.  His hand burned and his wrist was spun in a hundred directions at once.  The city spun around below, no above, no below- The city spun. That’s the gist.  He couldn’t see anything and D’ng just barreled along through the sky.  He started to wonder exactly how long this would last and how many hours it already had.

<9.8 seconds so far>

D’ng was enjoying this!?  A squawk of wordless protest tried to come out of his mouth but the wind sucked it away, roaring past as she reached full flight speed.

<Perhaps if we’d followed my plan and asked the City Authorities in advance of our attempt to apprehend the creature we would not be in this undignified chase?>

[I told you before.  Greens do not ask for help.  This is why I’m still an embarrassment, they believe I asked your help to do magic, regardless of the actual nature of the bond between us.  It looks like I could not do it myself and went a begging.]

<Well, you couldn’t without the bond, and I’m part of the bond and – >

[Let’s just not okay?  Have we caught up yet?]

An image appeared in his mind of the lizard scrambling out of the residential district and starting up a city wall.  He felt D’ng’s magic take effect as she cast invisibility and they soared upwards.  A sudden stop wrenched his hands off her ankle and he slapped against stone and mortar.  Not hard thanks to his floating spell but still abruptly.

Shaking the spin out of his head he oriented himself.  They were on top of the wall from her sending, directly in the anticipated path of the creature.

Dropping his bag and digging out two fresh wands he readied himself.  The lizard crested the wall right on schedule and it’s eyes widened in frantic shock as two purple bolts exploded out of thin air and into its chest.  Golden sparks ran out from the impact points like the glowing embers of a burning page.  They traced the creature and as they moved along its skin they left empty ash until all that was left was a gray grease streak along the battlements.

Out loud T’kk’tck let lose a tired breath.

“Next time let’s just do that first, m’kay?  None of this knocking or checking or anything.”

D’ng answered him with a voice like a windup music box:

“And if it had been a sorcerer trying out a new polymorphic spell?”

“Then we would just hope it was one of my nastier cousins and get ice cream to console ourselves.  Now, come on let’s go report to Grand Uncle about this debacle before we’re summoned to do it anyways…”

D’ng coughed disapprovingly but followed after him effortlessly as they went to face the inevitable.

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