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Pandora wore a cardboard box

                   and tied her hair in crimson locks

Dancing to count the human cost,

                   she dreams of atoms splitting rocks.

She hopes to find a friend one day.

                  A soul with which she cares to play.

But bones and stones call out to say,

             “Pandora, we failed to run away.”

“My Dear, My Love”, calls out Disease,

                   “I did this all for you — to please.”

“I hoped you’d like this life of ease;”

                   “with none to care for, cept the trees.”

War, he laughs at this hearty jest.

                   Famine grins along with the rest.

Death, he frowns, for he knows the best,

                   her sad heart, in a fragile chest.

But Pandora, skips, and waves goodbye,

                   and chasing faith starts to fly.

Seeking dreams of a rainbow sky,

                   and to with hope, her fear deny.

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