“The Cold Cats Dream Come True”

Our oldest, who has requested the code name “Scarlet Witch”, is going to be spending the summer writing. Writing a lot. So we decided to enliven your Saturday morning by sharing.

This is actually a revised version. The first draft was more cheerful.
This is actually a revised version. The first draft was more cheerful.


In case you can’t read her hand writing:

Once there was a cat who lived in South Alaska where very few people live. She had an owner who lived in the town not the country. She mostly was alone because her owner was a girl at work. Except when the girl took breaks from her work. When she did take breaks she did not play, she rested without her cat instead of with her cat. The cat had some cat friends but not many. Then one day the girl came home crying mad. She had lost her job because she was very late. Her mom said “it’s all right dear you’ll get a new job but in the meantime you can take care of your cat.” So she said “oh yeah I forgot come on lets get you some food.” The cat smiled a big smile.

Best friends: The cat and the girl both like to nap, play, pray, dig.

They lived happily ever after.

P.S. When I commented that she hadn’t divided her work into paragraphs she told me that she wanted it all in one, because it was all about the same subject. I suspect she was trying to play me, but because she clearly remembered what a paragraph’s structure was supposed to be I let it go.

3 thoughts on ““The Cold Cats Dream Come True”

  1. I love the simplicity but amazing depth children convey when given the opportunity to telling their stories. It never fails to amaze and humble me. Thank you for sharing your children’s innocence and beauty. Stories like these make the world a better place.


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