A Question for You Wonderful People.

Himself and I are doing this as a collaborative effort, a joint project, so we’re not stopping anytime soon. Our primary motivation is to curate amazing content (or at least aim for that;) and launch our various projects from here (you know, conquering the world through art and story).

That being said, I am curious what you would rather see, because a blog/website becomes truly awesome when it has followers, so your opinion totally counts.

Pictures of my art with explanations? Or just pictures of the art? More digging into my creative process? Less staging of the pictures, more of the real stuff?

And with the stories and poetry … More T’kk’tck? Kelpy? Or new stuff? More poetry or less poetry? Should we do more illustrations on the poetry?

Let us know in the comments! And if you have time, complete the poll, because I’ve never set one up and I thought it would be fun. You can select as many answers as you wish because I included more than I think one should include in a poll.


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