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This week, oy. The memorial service was on Monday and we drove back that same night. Tuesday Himself had to go to work and I had no mental energy, since I have functioned in an extroverted state all weekend. I spent all day reading Scalzi’s books and not talking to ANYONE. Well, until my painting class Tuesday evening (I haven’t actually written about that yet. It’s coming next week). Wednesday I felt like I was slowly coming out of an introverted coma, Thursday I was finally functional, and today is Friday, which should be enough. Anyway, on to the links!

this article on just starting, even if only for ten minutes, resonated with me. Himself works long hours, we homeschool, we have three kids, and at some point during the day eating and cleaning must also be done, not to mention the myriad of social activities I signed them up for so I don’t feel guilty about the socializing thing, so frequently I only have small snippets of time. It’s encouraging to be reminded that those small snippets matter.

-Owning your style. Heather of InkFlourishes writes about how she combined two different fonts to come up with one uniquely her own. I do this too; I have the hardest time sticking to the pattern in front of me and frequently incorporate disparate elements. Because I know there are amazing calligraphers out there and I can try to emulate their style but in the end I need to have my own.

-This article by John Scalzi on estate planning. I actually have not thought about what will happen to our writing and art. At the moment I can’t see anyone other than relatives trying to do something with it but all it takes it one influential person stumbling across your stuff and loving it.

-Josh Groban’s newest release, Stages.

Turns out I don’t actually like it, but that’s not because of his voice. I told Himself once that listening to his voice was like having sex. Himself did not take that well. No, I just don’t like musicals. Sitting through the newest version of Les Miserable was pure torture (you will notice there is no link for that. That was deliberate. There is an affiliate link for Josh Groban, because it’s Josh Groban).

-This article from Not The Former Things about parenting styles and Christianity. Himself and I both grew up in Christian cultures where certain things needed to be done a certain way because it was the Christian thing to do, even if there wasn’t any Biblical support for it. And if you didn’t, it somehow made you not Christian. Not so much our parents-if I were to give an epitaph for my mother, it would be that she taught me to be “counter-cultural”, or to not be afraid to be me, no matter the pressure-but the churches we went to, the homeschool groups we socialized in, they all had that undercurrent. And really, as long as there isn’t physical, mental or emotional abuse happening, it doesn’t matter how you parent, as long as it’s right for your family. And I firmly believe that as a parent you will know. And actually, that’s another epitaph for my mom. She was the first to say throw out the baby books if I didn’t find them helpful, I’m the momma, go with my gut, it’ll be fine.

If only I had written this closer to Mother’s Day. All sorts of points would’ve been awarded that day.




Okay so herself told you all about these things she liked and stuff so I supposed that means I’m left to do that for myself.

I forget exactly what our plan was for Friday posts but we were aiming at something where we discussed our favorite links.

So let me start with the fact that I love the bottom right panel found here.  The fantastic array of creatures and art from just astounds me and I’m in love with the artist’s imagination and skill.

Besides that this week I really felt like the Washington Post article found here did a great job of summarizing how easy it is to skew our view of a country and whether or not it is failing or succeeding.  The points made really can be applied to any country.

I’m trying to write this while everyone is needy and getting ready for bed so I’m just going to stop and leave it alone.

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