Midnight Angel

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I saw a Midnight Angel in Yellow

A hopeless angle in square

A step down from mid air

Breathing life like Death’s hello


The windows hiss shut and the quiet hum sealed out the sounds from outside.  An instant’s peace, a moment of calm.  Vasquez sucked in a deep breath and let it out in stages.  Eyes closed, eyelids fluttering.  The blackness lit up as the starting sequence kicked into full gear and the cockpit lighting system came on.  Sound came back too as the com came on with a crackling snap and pop.


Wings of a raven bathed in the sun

A creature of the Moons walking on the earth

Child of tears and angst, born with a curse

Purple in the light, darkness undone


Switches click, buttons twitch.

“Valkyrie Prime this is Death’s Maiden.  We are online and ready for launch.”

“Death’s Maiden this is Valkyrie Prime.  You have permission to seek the tower.”

“Grace to the living, Valkyrie Prime.”

A nob turns a few clicks to the right.

“Death’s Maiden to external support.  Stand free, we’re releasing in 5.  4. 3. 2. Boom.  See you on the other side.”

As the countdown ends Vasquez pulls the release lever and they fall, free of restraint for a moment, then landing with a whine of servos and compensators.  Seventy three tons of midnight metal.  Death’s Maiden in deed and fact.


Who can say the best gifts in life?

The angel comes to grant them

Or failing, to deliver grace’s end

Who can hope to win the fight?


“Tower this is Death’s Maiden.”

“Death’s Maiden go ahead.”

“Entering the path.  Seeking redemption.”

“Death’s Maiden, you are free to seek.  Third door from the left.”

“And straight on til morning…” The ritual phrase doesn’t make the com, but it warms Vasquez and grants peace like a blanket.

Grace to the living, Tower.  Death’s Maiden out.

Vasquez doesn’t really feel the pounding legs, doesn’t really feel the wind beat against a brow.  The cockpit is vacuum still, air conditioned and peace but the pilot inside knows.  The hunter inside feels.  And when they reach the end of the runway, Death’s Maiden’s soul truly soars.


The sun strikes, light a weapon

Feathers scatter like seeds on the ground

Hearts bleed, hands flex, eyes fall down

Then the crow smiles, ‘such fun!’


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