Weekend Links

Weekend Links, with Wordy Descriptions

So adding links on Friday didn’t work, mostly because neither of us are very good at paring down our description of things (we are both so very wordy) so adding anything other than links was just not working. We decided any links we stumbled upon needed their own day, and here we are.

Blog Posts:

“How Love of Money Destroys Creativity” by James Prescott. This struck a chord because the first thing I think of is “how can I monetize this?” I’m not sure where this came from but it’s something I’ve passed along to my daughter, who is always trying to think up ways she can start her own business using the skills she’s learned (which is not a bad thing, I’m trying to curate that spirit of entrepreneurship). On the flip side Himself almost feels that if you’re monetizing your craft you’re selling out,  that you’ve somehow demeaned that spirit of creativity. I’m hoping that between us we’ll find a workable balance.

This post about word counts for books is not new but we found it helpfully informative. I told Himself that I wanted him to participate in NaNoWriMo this upcoming November and that launched all sorts of planning and researching. I’m actually excited; we’d already decided not to travel so we’ll have a literary Thanksgiving! Anyway, if you’re interested in writing a science fiction or fantasy novel you should aim for 90,000-150,000 words, mostly because you’ll be doing more world-building than a fiction writer would have to do.


See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)” target=”_blank”>”See You Again” (feat. Charlie Puth). Again, you’re not going to get current recommendations from us, we’re not that cool, but rather the stuff we’ve recently found that we like. I like this song because it makes me sad and pensive, which probably sounds weird, but it’s what I do.

Not sure what category:

So She is so much better at writing than me when it comes to these kind of general statements.  And She is probably mad at me for not putting in the super careful level of thoughts she does in this.

So here are my links:

http://opportunitiesinspace.com/  This is a really great comic about some human crazy assassin types who I guess are trying to kill some other humans in order to get into space?  It’s a mystery but I love it and the bottles go “thunk” not “tinkle or smash”.

http://derelictcomic.com/ And this comic.  Seriously both the most creepy badguy(although not the scariest.. That would be Kaspall’s) and my favorite heroine.  Super awesome fonts, nice dark themes, and a scrappy survivalist just trying to make a life.

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