More Bodacious Botanical Beauties

This time the beauties are from my garden. Worth venturing out during the hot and humid months to water, don’t you think? And braving the bugs? I’m incredibly squeamish and my children are taking after me, which bothers Himself to no end. He spent his childhood exploring the outdoors, camping, living off the land … and then he goes and marries a city girl who tried the outdoors and didn’t like it.

Oh well.

Also, I decided that even though I’m not a “photographer” (then again I wasn’t an “artist”, either) I was going to order prints of the lilies and see how they turned out. I went with glossy and a 1/2″ white border and they are smashing (I order from; mention our name, wordsremember, and we’ll get to be ambassadors).

I shared these on social media as well when I first took the photos, which was rather nerve-wracking since both of my siblings are professional photographers. And audio experts. And film editors. And they seem to do everything. The pressure, guys, the pressure. No wonder I turned to art, it’s the only field they haven’t (yet) decided to try. Well, that and child-rearing.

The only comment they had was that the resolution simply wasn’t going to be good enough on an iPhone to produce amazing prints. I had already guessed that since the details on the prints weren’t quite as sharp as I wanted them to be.

Gah I love this shot. The shadows! They frame the flower perfectly.
The droplets of water captured me.

So now, in addition to all the art supplies I still so desperately need, I need a better camera. It’s rough, guys, rough being an artist. Sure you can create with whatever is around you (and for the most part I’ve tried to do that) but there ARE SO MANY COOL TOYS. THAT WE MUST HAVE.


Happy Tuesday!

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