Introducing a Zendoodle Masterpiece, “Moon Dust” (formerly known as “zendoodling the moon”)

I asked for help naming this piece over on Facebook because “Zendoodling the Moon” didn’t seem to quite fit. Himself’s mother suggested “Moon Dust” and I think it fits. So “Moon Dust” it is.


I forgot to take in-progress shots. I was very focused on finishing because I’m launching the Wordsremember brand (if you can call it that, it feels weird to me, too business-y) across three different selling platforms (Zazzle, FineArtAmerica and a relaunch of my Etsy store). I am also aiming for a studio opening in the next year or so with works like “Moon Dust” and “Zendoodling the Sun” (I need a new name for that one as well, if you have thoughts leave a comment!). So, you know, I’m going nuts. But I love this piece, it’s the kind of art I love to have around, and that’s why I’m doing all this.

As always, if you’re interested in a Giclee print let me know (or a photographic one, I find I quite like prints in metallic). For an 11×14 Giclee it’ll be $35, for a metallic photographic print $15. For different size options contact me at

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