Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

We are exhausted. I mentioned in the last edition of Wordy Weekend Links that we are losing weight for Himself’s job (well, I’m doing it to be supportive). So we’ve been continuing the running and the careful preparation of incredibly good-for-you-food. One more week and we’ll see if it paid off!

I’m also exhausted because I’m designing a doodling coloring book. Let me type that again for emphasis: I’m designing a coloring book. I’ve been creating a design per day with a goal of having 24-30 designs. I’m not sure yet if I’ll pitch it to a publishing company or self-publish; of course I’ll make a HUGE deal out of it when it is published, whichever route I decide to take.

And without further ado, the link love.

Don’t you dare ask for permission. When I’m feeling yuck about my body image or what the scale told me I visit this website and read through the archives. She consistently and powerfully advocates a positive self-image and I find it truly inspiring.

What I want you to know about our decision to live childfree after infertility. While we were not infertile-far from it, I actually know the date of conception-I know quite a few couples who are. And it’s painful watching them go through this issue, because not only will they feel like they’re broken but much of society will, too, and that’s just not right. You are a valuable human being whether or not you have children, you can be happy and well-adjusted and fulfilled. You do not need to have children; that is something that should be decided outside of the realm of societal obligation.

The tragedy of small expectations. Soooooo true. I feel like we’re currently aiming for the stars, and that’s ok, because even if we don’t end up at our current goal it’ll most likely be better than where we are now. The example of the young girl being persuaded math wasn’t a suitable course also struck a cord; I myself am not interested in higher math but I would be crushed if my daughter decided against pursuing a degree in that field because she is a girl.

What avid readers do differently. This is spot-on. And it’s funny-I do buy all the books. When Himself needs something he sends me a link (or ISBN, which I prefer since I worked in the book business for so long). When we are at an actual bookstore I also am the one buying the books. I don’t mind, I usually know where the coupons are and whether or not we have a discount card.

And happy Saturday! Have an amazing weekend!

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