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Introducing a Coloring Book.

I’ve been thinking about creating a coloring book for awhile. I’m not sure how I want to get it published but a good place to start is to have something to publish so I’ve been doodling a page a day. It’s botanical in subject matter and very abstract; I have a specific flower in mind, for example, but I quickly veer from reality to what the essence of the flower is. To me, anyway. I think I’ll label each picture just in case.

These completed doodles I’ve already shown on social media; I’m holding the rest back so there’s an element of surprise when it gets published. 


A daffodil. This isn’t the finished product, I added a few more elements.
My rose. I quite like doodling roses and they show up everywhere in my work.
Based on a dahlia (I think). For someone who loves drawing flowers I am woefully ignorant of names.

I’ve done some research on self-publishing, none really on actually pitching this to a publisher. I’m maybe one-quarter through the designs; as I get closer to finishing I hope to firm up publishing details.

Happy Monday! 

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