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My Psychedelic Flower and Other News.

Earlier this week I put my etsy shop into vacation mode and have begun a serious revamp. I began the shop with no clear focus in mind, other than that I like calligraphy. And I think it was good to go ahead and start, it made it feel real to me. But now I want more sales, I want more traffic, and that means focusing. And planning. And marketing. Ick. I need to become famous so someone else can do my marketing for me and I can simply be fabulous.

The plan going forward is that I will offer prints of my zendoodles. I’m inking them in with mostly sharpies; the color is incredibly vibrant. I’ve tested out various printing methods and I like metallic photographic prints. It really brings out the color, which is what I’m aiming for. It’s also much cheaper than giclees or originals, and lower pricing is key on etsy. I’ll be including my zendoodled alphabet works as well; these particular designs are also available on various products throughout my Zazzle store (total marketing plug there).

And so I’ve basically let my imagination run wild. Here’s “Psychedelic Flower”:

The beginning. Originally I wanted a variety of colors but ended up just using pinks, oranges and black.
Beginning to flow. Here I had pretty much determined the color placement for the entire thing.
And done! I left some parts white to give the flower balance and I added gold touches to the entire thing to glitz it up. I absolutely love it.

So far I’ve gotten some very positive feedback from Facebook (my own account, you can follow my Wordsremember page if you’d like!) and Twitter (although if you follow me be warned I tweet about everything, not just art) seems to like this style of art as well. So I’m feeling pretty positive. I’m working on another doodle right now that I like to call “Bubbles”. It reminds me of “The Rainbow Fish” book by Marcus Pfister. Pictures of that will be coming soon, progress is slower than expected because there are a lot of bubbles and those take time to ink in. Plus I’m still working on my coloring book.

So what do you think? Anything in particular you’d like to see me tackle? I’m not confining myself to any one subject matter and thus far I have a botanical print and a nautical one.

Happy Wednesday!

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