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Wordy Weekend Links

In case you can’t read the words, our eldest, code name Scarlet Witch (who graciously gave permission to publish this) wrote the following for a school assignment (which was to describe Christmas using the five senses):

On Christmas I like to play.

I hear jolly on Christmas.

I see presents on Christmas.

I feel toys on Christmas.

I smell cake on Christmas.

I taste cookies on Christmas.

Now you want Christmas, yes? I thought her line “I hear jolly on Christmas” was rather clever; I told her that if she demonstrated an understanding of how the English language worked she could bend the rules and she took that to heart, which makes me very proud. It also means I’ve had to read lots of abstract writing.

Also this:

Inspired by Fluttershy.

And now the articles that affected me this week.

Fair Trade Friday: Be a Part of Someone’s Story. It’s a theory of mine that-while we certainly can care about many things-we can only actually do something for a few things. This is one of my things: empowering women and thus their children. I’ve signed up for the box and I am so excited, especially since all profits go to the women themselves. I know we are all bombarded with causes and donation opportunities but if this is one of your things I highly encourage you to check this organization out.

The Church Isn’t Dying; It’s Being Reborn. (I’m unabashedly veering into Christian theological territory here) This. Oh my this. I think the decision this past week to legalize all forms of marriage was a good thing for the Church; it removes any lingering proclivity to think of the government as an ally in the advancement of Christianity. It isn’t our ally (and shouldn’t be), and the Church as a whole should never have made homosexuality this huge line in the sand. It absolutely breaks me to read the vicious words of hate my fellow Christians have spewed forth in their fear of this cultural change, especially since Scripture tells us specifically not to fear (not to mention hate isn’t one of the Fruits we’re supposed to be modeling). That isn’t to say you have to agree on moral grounds with all the changes we’re seeing, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is it doesn’t matter. Our mandate has ever been thus, no matter the political or social climate: Love God. Love your neighbor (especially the ones that push your buttons). Go forth and make disciples. When people meet Jesus, that’s when spiritual change happens. So don’t stand in His way.

Here’s How I Keep My Boy Safe-ish on the Interwebs. Hahahahaha. I was laughing throughout. I’ve tried to impress upon my children the very public nature of the internet, and apparently I’ve been successful because none of them like having their pictures or words shared very often (I always ask if I’m going to share a story or picture that directly identifies the specific child). And that’s something I’d urge all parents to consider: yes, your toddler is adorbs and what your elementary student just said is absolutely hilarious, but in later years they may find that embarrassing, and do you really have the right to share that information in such a public forum? It’s still newish territory, this social media blitzing, and I’d rather err on the side of caution.

10 Things Photographers Freaking Hate With a Passion. I’m not a professional photographer (oh, I wish, but I don’t have enough time!) but I’m related to amazing photographers so I read this article. And proceeded to chuckle throughout. It actually can apply to any creative medium.

The life-changing magic of tidying up, six months later. If you aren’t subscribed to Modern Mrs. Darcy and you’re a bibliophile you need to subscribe. She had me at her website name alone but the information is really good, especially since I retired from the book business last year (that makes it sound so glamorous; I was a manager only, not an owner;) and have felt completely out of the loop. Anyway. I like the idea of downsizing and I’d probably be happy with a cozy minimalist style. My obstacles right now are 1. My studio and 2. My kids, who’s lives would be absolutely ruined if I gave away their things (yes, you detect sarcasm). Very good tips, sensible, nothing too extreme.

And may I say Happy Fourth? Being an avid student of history I am aware of how checkered our nation’s past is, but I also have met (and read about!) many brave men and women who absolutely believed in our stated goal of freedom for all and who were willing to give their lives for that cause. So for them, and for an unpolluted ideology of freedom, do I celebrate this holiday.

Happy 4th of July!!!!


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