An Entirely Shameless Marketing Ploy.

I don’t like marketing. It’s not an innate skill. I understand it’s necessary, though, and so I’ll participate. Only on my terms, though, which means I’m upfront about the entire thing.

So this is a plug for my Zazzle store, Wordsremember. I’m thinking of making this a Saturday dealio, wherein I share some of the items I created the previous week. I like what I’ve been doing on Zazzle, I’m going to be buying some of what I’ve designed, and if I think it’s cool you might also think it’s cool, which is awesome, because it means my art is getting out there. I’ll need a title if I’m going to make this a regular thing; if you have ideas let me know! We are all creatives in our own way and I enjoy seeing what other people come up with.


Zendoodle Alphabet Art Design, "F"
Absolutely super-cool magnets. They’re available in letters A-F; I really need to get a move on finishing this series.
Doodle Botanical Design, "Seize the Day" Greeting Card
The newest greeting card design. I loved this when I first created it but it didn’t quite fit in my etsy store so I’m glad I’ve found a use!
Zendoodle Alphabet Art Design, "A" Nite Lites
I’m ordering this for our oldest, and in fact this product was designed exclusively with my kids in mind.


So there you are, my shameless Saturday marketing ploy. If you have any suggestions on products you’d like to see with any of my artwork on them leave a comment!

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