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With my Etsy store in vacation mode I have been working hard. I’m so very thankful Himself is also an artist and “gets” how much work can go into creating. This piece is very much similar to my Psychedelic Flower in that I purposefully went crazy with the color. Very positive response from social media on this one so I’m very excited to see how this piece does in my revamped Etsy shop. Of course I have to get found in the milieu that is Etsy, so onward I go, crafting more pieces.

The beginning. The fishes were an afterthought but ended up being the most-liked feature.
I scanned just the drawing once it was done so I could either do it again in different colors or sell the pattern as a coloring page.
The colors were difficult for me on this one to conceptualize; there were so many bubbles and intricate designs that running ahead to explore color combinations wasn’t feasible.
And done!!!

You’ll notice the color in my final picture is markedly different that in the previous photos; that’s because I went overboard on enhancing the image so the gold and silver would stand out. The true color is much closer to the photograph before this one and when I list it in Etsy the photograph will be toned down.

As always, if you’re interested in a print please email me at I plan to reopen my etsy shop September 1st, but I can easily get you a print before then. We’ll process payment through PayPal.

Supply List, affiliate links included (I think many of my links have not appeared properly; I hope to have that fixed and you have my profuse apologies):

Sharpies!!!! I may need to order a set for my eldest child; we like to color together but every time sharpies get damaged.

My trusty Strathmore paper. I did find another paper I’m in love with (I might’ve said I wanted to have it’s baby …) but it’s not suitable for these types of projects. I’ll be sharing photos of projects it is suitable for soon (can you bear the suspense? Haha).

These pens. I like adding metallic touches to most of my works.

And Happy Tuesday! Go forth and art!

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