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I don’t like it.

I finished my flower painting. Or at least it seemed like I was finished. But I don’t like it. Take a look (interestingly enough that wall isn’t off-white but was painted the whitest white they had. Baaaaaad lighting, but the picture looks ok):

With shading.

I used the paper towel technique (it’s super complicated: you use a crunched up paper towel instead of a brush) to add the shading. I asked how one should properly shade, I’ll get to see that next week. I’m a bit frustrated with the teaching style; we’re being allowed to develop at our own pace, which is great (and the teacher is nice, no problem there) but I feel information is not forthcoming enough. I knew enough to ask about shading techniques, but I had no idea one should use purple to shade wherever possible. That was only suggested after I used Payne’s Grey. So what else am I not learning because I don’t know to ask? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

No shading.


I actually think I prefer the way it looked before I added more layers. It was more turquoise-y. But the petals weren’t as clearly delineated.

With nothing!!

I mean, it definitely looks like a flower. And I think you can tell that the petals at the top are superseded over the petals of the bottom flower (superseded? did I use that term correctly?). But it just doesn’t have pizzazz. I like my stuff to have pizzazz. One person suggested that I just add some of my doodle patterns and I think I’ll eventually do that.

If I decide to leave this as is (I’m not going to add the doodle elements in class, because this was an exercise in realism) next up is a landscape painting. Abstract is ok, so I have my eye on this baby:

folk art landscapes - Google Search


It’s painted by Gillian Mowbray. She has several paintings that look like this, definitely check out the link if you like the style. Mine won’t look exactly like this but I like the brightness and the opportunity for lots of distinction.

So that’s it. I must say it’s hard, this forcing oneself to paint in a style not one’s own. I don’t feel the same spark of inspiration. But that’s why I’m doing this, to challenge myself and expand my creative capabilities.

Art on!

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