Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

Some weeks I stumble across oodles of articles and blog posts that are amazing, insightful, and re-post worthy. This week, however, I felt like I was scrounging for material. That might be because I was a bit down, myself, and not finding many things inspiring. It’s just my usual, I’m-not-a-brilliant-artist slump. I’ve decided to think of it as beneficial, because it makes me examine my art to see what I could improve.

Anyway, my descriptions/explanations are just not that wordy this week.

Let Go from Motivating Giraffe. I find this drawing very apropos this week.

I used to think God wanted a lot from me from Sarah Bessey. Her experiences frequently mirror my own when it comes to what we’ve been taught, what we’ve inadvertently learned from Church. It’s not all bad, not by a long shot, and I very much know that we are trying to pursue perfection while being perfectly imperfect, so no one church-family is going to be without fault. But. I know that I equated being a “good Christian” with being productive. It didn’t help that that’s my natural inclination, to always be busy, always pressing forward. And I burnt-out. To the point that now I regard churches with wariness. I still go, because I believe it’s important, but I leave when I’m told I “must” do something, “must” go somewhere. I don’t want to go on missions. I don’t want to go to umpteen services-usually the speaker could make his/her point in fifteen minutes but they drone on. The Bible is a lifeline for me but I don’t want to have to fulfill a daily quota. I pray when I know I need to, not because I’m watching the clock. And so on and so forth. But anyways, a good read if you are so inclined.

Gradient Paint Technique. I don’t think this blogger is still blogging, but I found this post incredibly helpful as I searched for ways to seamlessly blend different acrylic hues (you may remember I was frustrated about the lack of teaching in this area). It’s text with pictures, which I prefer to video clips (does that make me a technological dinosaur?).

And I created a new board on Pinterest, Amazing Art Creations. If you want a glimpse of the art that moves me head there;)

As we head into the weekend I’d like to encourage you: don’t stop doing what you’re passionate about. It’s something I have to remind myself of as I navigate through the artistic blah-blah’s. It is worth it, you are awesome.

Happy Friday!!!


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