Shameless Marketing: Stationary Edition

My goal is to create five new Zazzle products per day. I don’t use the quick create feature; I prefer to customize each description to the actual product. So five is a reasonable and attainable number. This week I’m showcasing some of the stationary I’ve designed; I’m so pleased with how it came out! Check out my Zazzle store, Wordsremember, to see my designs on lots of different products. If you click through the link on the website I get a referral fee as well as any royalties.


Zendoodle Postcard, "Blessed"
Zendoodled Postcard, “Blessed”
Zendoodle Inspirational Botanical Art, "Grateful" Postcard
Zendoodled Postcard, “Grateful”
Zendoodle Postcard, "Thankful"
Zendoodled Postcard, “Thankful”
Zendoodle Calligraphy Design, "Love" Greeting Card
Zendoodle Calligraphy Design, “Love”
Zendoodle Alphabet Design, "G" Greeting Card
Zendoodle Alphabet Design, “G”

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