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Meet Mr. Koi. 

Although I’m not a huge fan of fish (they can be quite lovely to look at but there my association ends) many people who follow my drawings do. So I decided to try a koi fish.

When I’m drawing something I haven’t attempted before I’ll pick a few images off ye olde Google and come up with my basic outline (I try very hard not to do any outright copying but to make each drawing my own). My koi is a bit tubby but I was really pleased with it.

Then I add zendoodle elements. I felt the scale pattern would fit in this instance and kind of drew it like I felt it for the rest of it.

Adding color is my favorite part; I chose red and various orange hues to match some koi fish we had seen recently. Gold added the perfect finish and I thought I was done at this point with the fish.

But then I added the blue and silver and decided the fish needed a bit more sizzle so I added some silver elements as well.


As I was typing this up I decided the name of this piece would be “Mr. Koi”. I’m not sure why the fish is a “he”, nor why he’s so distinguished, but Mr. Koi it is. I now have two pieces to go in my “Oceanic Doodles” category; my etsy shop will be re-opening in September. If you absolutely have to have a print right now shoot me an email ( and we’ll make it happen.

To finish this piece I had to buy another set of sharpie markers (affiliate link included); my children like to color with me but they press too hard and have consequently damaged some of the markers. So I retired the set I was using and gave it to them and became “the bestest momma ever!” For awhile, anyway, until I pointed out that they hadn’t finished their chore list.

May your Monday be tolerable. Art on!

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