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Catching up on the Alphabet Series

I shared photos of A&B in this post, and I really thought I had done a post with some of the others, but apparently not. So you get a lot of alphabet zendoodly goodness all at once.

Orange and yellow and red, oh my.
Pink with zebra stripes.
Reminds me of Medusa.
Geometric emphasis. And purples.
I don’t have an inspiration for this one. I knew it needed to be blue but that’s about it.


So I’m up to “I”. All of these are featured in my Zazzle store and, depending on how I like the prints I ordered, they will be available in my revamped etsy shop as well. The prices will be the same or within cents of the various prices in each store; I have no overhead with the Zazzle products but I make more off of the etsy shop. I don’t really care where the orders come from, though, I’m just happy people like my designs. In the future I hope to sell at local farmer’s markets (that feature arts & crafts) as well; I don’t have enough variety of product yet nor the setup but I think it would be fun. If you’ve done that with your art and had a bad experience, don’t tell me, I don’t want my bubble to burst;)

All of these were done with these sharpie markers and this paper (affiliate links are included).

Happy Wednesday! And art on!



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