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Wordy Weekend Links

Before I inked in “Mr. Koi” I scanned the drawing so my kids could also color him. This is my eldest’s rendition; the other child lost their fish, which is unfortunate, because I thought it was quite lovely. Both commented that it took FOREVER to color in this picture. I said yes, I know, the whole thing took me about ten hours. They were very impressed.

So unlike last week this week I stumbled across several pieces I found interesting. I think I’m a bit burnt out on social media right now; I maintain Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and this website and that is a lot of maintaining. So I’ve not been reading or perusing as much, which is ok, it means I’ve had more time to spend on art-related projects, which you will be seeing the fruits of soonish.

But without further ado, the linkage goodness:

The Benefits of Being an Introverted Parent I’m very introverted. Not to the point of anxiety or shyness, which isn’t exclusive to introverts (nor does an introvert have to have these traits to be an introvert), but I simply don’t need lots of interaction. And as someone who has chosen to home school three very active children I’ve often wondered how much time, precisely, my kids needed from me each day to feel loved. Because I need lots of time-out sessions, or I get very stressed and cranky, and then I read about these parents that organize crafts and activities and play dates and I want to curl up in a ball and hide because that sounds awful. And then of course I second-guess myself, because I want my kids to have a good childhood, and am I somehow depriving them? But. While I can’t stand doing crafts and shy away from play dates my kids and I take long walks every day and discuss every subject under the sun (I’ll censor some information because of age but in general I relate what I know). My eldest and I read the same books and talk about them. We watch movies together and I start rambling about the socio-economic whatevs theme that I noticed. My kids can entertain themselves because I won’t do it for them (although I provide crafting things, legos, books, etc. They are very well-supplied). And when I feel they haven’t been socialized enough I sign them up for a class or two, the kind where I don’t have to be physically involved but can cheer from the sidelines. So I think we’re doing ok.

It’s a Wrap! with Lauren Willig If you haven’t read The Pink Carnation series, and you like historical mysteries and tongue-in-cheek bodice-ripping, you simply must rectify the situation. The last installment is due to be released soon. I pre-ordered it MONTHS ago. In this article Lauren explains why she’s wrapping up the series and yet gives us Pink fans hope that someday she’ll write us a few more stories.

Radiating Joy I think many of us tend to concentrate on the things that irritate us, that are hard, that hurt. I know I do; I started out this post talking about how I was burnt out on social media. But truly, if that is the extent of my problems, it is nothing. I’m an artist who has the luxury of not needing to work for food, because Himself does that so that I can pursue my dreams (there’s a story behind that …. short version, I gave up my chance to finally graduate with my Bachelor’s so he could get a higher-paying degree while I worked to pay for his degree …. as soon as we can swing the bill I’ll go back-I love school-but in the meantime he’s making sure he repays my sacrifice). Because we home school I can decide to take whole months off and then make it up during the summer (which is what we’re doing; we took December off because of Christmas and then March because we were visiting grandparents so we’re maintaining our school schedule through August, at which point I’m thinking a two-week break will be in order). So I found this post to be a welcome reminder to occasionally stop and just be joyful.

21 Signs You’re An INFJ Personality Type I can hear the groans of my familial members, who quite frankly told me I had gone on long enough about MBTI. I’m not an INFJ, I’m an INTJ (and quite proud of that) but many of these points resonate. Plus I have an INFJ in my family so it’s fun to read about various personality quirks. And all due respect to those I bore to tears with my amazing insights, but finding out my personality type was like turning on a light bulb. INTJ females are rare, and lead a rather difficult life, because they often identify with the so-called “male” qualities. I’ve certainly found that to be the case, and I like to point that out to those around me. For example:

Male person: “Females ALWAYS take sooooo long! I’m always late because SHE’S never ready on time!”

Me: “I know, right? Me, I’m ready in less than two minutes, but sheesh, ALL females are really slow, aren’t they?”

I’m such a joy to be around. Smashing gender stereotypes everywhere. With glee, even.

Revisiting my Word of the Year through a Shape I just like her pictures. Very similar to my style, although she does a lot of work in books and journals rather than prints.


And that’s all, folks. May your weekend be joyful, productive, lazy, or whatever you need it to be. Art on!

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