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Iesu Christi, A Zendoodled Cross

I’ve been creating pieces for the etsy shop and working on my coloring book (still have NO idea how I’m going to publish it). It’s going well, I’ve had the occasional inspiration, but I was feeling bleh about the whole thing. So I went with the artistic flow and decided to create a cross.

I had no idea where I was going with this piece. I went with my gut when it came to picking out colors (I’ve been watching far too much NCIS).

I wasn’t sure about the red. It seemed a rather bold color choice. I really, really like how it turned out though. I thought using Latin would be a fun touch with the calligraphy. Uncial script, because that’s the page that was open in my font book.

And this is where Himself wishes I had stopped. And that might’ve been a good idea, but I really wanted to see what it looked like with purple.

It’s acrylic liquid paint so it dries really quickly, and thus I was able to get a marbling effect.

And done. If I had a scanner that did 11×14 I would’ve scanned just the cross and then added purple, because I really like both versions. I told Himself I’d do another one and leave the background white.

A closer look. There’s stippling on the cross; I thought it provided a nice balance to the rather strong colors I used throughout.



Prints of this will be available in the etsy shop once it reopens September 1. I like the photographic prints but I think I’ll order a few giclees as well, just to provide variety.

Materials used (affiliate links included):

This purple ink and this turquoise. Same paper, the Strathmore Mixed Media. I buy a new acrylic ink every time I venture into a craft store, they are so very fun to work with.

And Happy Tuesday. Art on!

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