Art in Progress

The Pater Noster, an Abstract Envisioning (Part One)

So we start with the calligraphy. This was the second rendition, I misspelled a word the first time around (ah the anguish!!)

I’m a bit frustrated by the slight unevenness of my capital “P”. More practice is in order; however, I love how the checkered pattern turned out. And some people thought it was an “L” in this close-up picture. I told Himself he was obviously uncultured if he couldn’t recognize different fonts;) He laughed at me.

And the whole thing. There was no plan for the design, other than that I wanted it to look awesome. I think we’ll get there, but at this point I was making icky faces at the paper.

Some changes and a beautiful shimmery blue acrylic liquid ink give me hope that I’ll adore this piece.

I’m very happy with the calligraphy. I still have a ways to go, I’m not a master calligrapher by any means, but I think it looks pretty good. My hand was trembling at the end (which is where I made the most visible mistake, which is mostly covered up by the gold) so I need to continue practicing and build up muscle strength. I hope to finish this piece over the weekend so you can see the results next week.

And in other news: I’ve done 19 pages of zendoodled botanicals for my future coloring book. I’ve read the average coloring book is around 30 pages so I have a few more to do but I’m almost there! Very, very excited.

Happy Thursday! Art on, my friends.

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