Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

This week my eldest son decided to be artsy. Here’s some examples of his work (he graciously gave me permission to share pictures):

I’ve spent a lot of time in my head recently, more so than usual (introvert here!). I’m not sure what it’ll all add up to; sometimes I emerge from the cocoon of thoughts with an amazing insight. Other times there is nothing, and I convince myself that I am an utterly boring and not-insightful person. Anyway. All of the following articles contributed to my pondering.

On that flag, and being Southern and proud … I thought this was an interesting viewpoint to this hotly debated topic. I’ve had to be wary about what articles/memes I pay attention to on Facebook because it’s one of the subjects I have no issues diving in on, but many people I know/am related to hold opposite viewpoints, and I don’t particularly want to start a war of words. Back to this article, though; I thought of Paul and his statement that he would become all things to all men that they might be saved (Biblical reference there). We have free speech and can certainly choose to display the Confederate flag, swastika, or whatever symbol we want to. And I know many consider it a symbol of cultural heritage, not an emblem of slavery. But if you know that millions of people do see it that way, and are offended, hurt, disturbed by such a symbol, why would you perpetuate the symbol so publicly? What message are you sending? I personally believe that we need to use our freedoms wisely, to help and not hurt.

The Broken Rules of Mass Media-and Better Ones to Live By I don’t think any of these things are new, they’re just occurring in different forms now. A good reminder nonetheless.

10 Fascinating Scientific Facts about Fonts This article is just plain cool. I don’t think about fonts very much, I tend to stick to the medievalish ones, but someday I anticipate having need of this knowledge.

The Day I Met Jesus: A Conversation with Mary Demuth I don’t read Christian literature very often. There are a few writers that have entwined a living, breathing Jesus within their work but most are not able to do it gracefully. Besides, I like a story with some good sex scenes, and most Christian writers are simply not going to do that. This grabbed my attention because she made the comment that Jesus was counter-culture in regards to women, something I think the modern Church in America has shied away from. So I think I’ll buy this one and see how it turns out.

To the young women reading “Jesus Feminist” I am an unapologetic Christian feminist. I am appalled by the benching of women, the shaming of women, and the general disregard for the principal that all are now equal in Christ. So I love this author, I read everything she writes, I ponder it, I try to live it for my daughter, who is just now beginning to realize that females have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history. I don’t want her to ever think she can’t do something, or that she has to conform to an outdated mode of “Biblical Womanhood” to be “holy”.

So many thoughts to think, positions to hold or change. May your weekend be amazing.

Art on!

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