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Pen & Ink Tattoo Art, Zendoodle Style

I’m in love with this drawing. I uploaded it to Zazzle and put it on everything. I especially love it on the women’s shirts (this one! squee!); I need new ones, and I plan on ordering them soon (if you sense a theme, that I’ll be ordering Zazzle products soon … I recently bought new running shoes and a new outfit and blew my clothing budget to the four winds. It’ll happen, just not yet;)

This calligraphy is a compliment to my “Tattoo Rose”. It’s what Henry VIII said of his fifth wife, Katherine Howard, before he found out she was not so virginal and cut off her head. I find it amusing (I have a weird sense of humor, I know).

I’ve also sent the rose off to be photoshopped (I currently lack the skill and the program) so I can offer it as a print in my etsy store, which will be reopening September 1. I’m really excited; I’ve begun making listings and they’re looking good, much better than the previous manifestation.

Happy Tuesday!

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