Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

Today is my day. Because tomorrow is His day. Meaning he petitioned me a boon of eight hours to play games with and I graciously acceded, provided I also received eight hours. So my plan is to laze around at Barnes & Noble, spend time in my studio, and possibly see a movie. I’m thinking those eight blissful, child-free hours will pass all too quickly.

In other news … a little over three weeks til I reopen my etsy shop. I will be offering a coupon exclusive to my blog readers so stay tuned. I’m struggling, because I can’t get distracted, but I am getting distracted. I have ideas about how to redo all of my Zazzle stuff, I’m going to redo my account on FineArtAmerica (if you’re wondering why I have multiple sites, the reason is exposure. I’m currently only online, so I rely heavily on the websites that I use for advertising/marketing), I want to take a Photoshop class, I want to study the drawing technique books we’ve bought … but no. Focus. Listings, photographs, new product. I can do it.

But without further ado, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Don’t let this happen to you. I only read part III, so I can’t vouch for the others, but I found this to be spot-on. What really stood out to me is that you must persevere in your plans; there are no quick solutions, you simply have to invest the money and wait. And then wait some more. I recently reviewed our retirement portfolio and was pleased to find that, although we started late, we are on track, even if we do not increase our contribution. We just can’t stop doing what we’re doing.

Armchair traveling: 10 books to take you places. This lady just recently returned from traveling abroad-with kids-for a year. I don’t usually read travel memoirs, as I prefer stolid history tomes (not joking, unfortunately), but some of these looked fun.

6 things everyone should know about eating disorders. I get funny looks sometimes when I deal with food. I’m healed, I won my battle with ED’s several years ago, but I still have habits in place to help me deal with triggers. I count my calories, I log them, I sometimes won’t eat if I don’t know the caloric count of a food. I don’t like being pressured to eat, or “just try this!” because every bite has calories in it and I (somewhat compulsively) log everything. But. It’s now more of a diagnostic thing. If I’m hungry I eat the food. When I’m at a party I try to sample stuff, to join in, because life is just too short and the two cookies aren’t going to hurt me.

Amazing Art Creations. My art board on Pinterest, just because this is an art/writing blog and I should include art! But some of the pins I came across were truly beautiful and are definitely worth a look.

Things I Want To Be Able To Do Without Feeling Like I’m Being Unspeakably Rude. Yes! Like not use exclamation points. My decision to not use them ever again lasted for a day. I use them liberally, as well as emoji’s, because I’m an INTJ and my resting face, so I’ve been told, is a “I’m going to punch you in the head and laugh” face. So I overcompensate, because I know most people think I’m mad at them, or annoyed, and really I’m just being me, possibly thinking deep thoughts while having to socially interact.

And that’s it.

Happy Weekending!

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