Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

Firstly, check out my Pinterest tattoo page. I can feel the winds tipping me in that direction; a few of my recent doodles have been a conglomeration of zendoodling and the bits I like from various tattoos pieces. I’ve only got 60ish pins right now in that category, but those numbers are going up weekly as I find examples that make me wish I could start over. Or have tattoos that I could switch out like outfits (because I like the ones I have).

But without further ado, the links:

Eight Personal Finance Truths for Your Annoying Facebook Friends. #5 caught my attention because I’m constantly sharing photos of my artwork/Zazzle stuff. I’ve tried to be careful, in that while I do mention I sell artwork I apply no pressure, because I don’t want to annoy my friends/family. It seems to be working; when they see a piece they particularly like I’ll get a message and everyone is happy.

My List of 100 Dreams. This is a great idea, particularly for small business-y types. I work from home and I home school so I frequently feel disoriented and that I have no clue what I’m doing. So I bought a cheap day planner to write down all the little goals/ideas so I can mindlessly follow when I’m really overwhelmed (I wrote a post about how I do it all, if you’re interested).

And these articles aren’t new, but if you’ve thought about opening a Zazzle store I highly recommend reading them. Part One and Part Two by Eclectic Cycle (it doesn’t look like the blog has been updated since October/2014).

The Script in my Soul. You guys. Beautiful. Mebbe one day my calligraphy will look as good.

Unnoticed. The most-read post this week from our blog. T’kk’tck received a breath of fresh air this week as Himself switched gaming focus (carefully left unmentioned because trademarks and not wanting to get sued). I love what he’s written thus far! (and in case you’re wondering, Himself doesn’t write fanfic, but rather allows himself to be influenced by various world concepts without violating proprietary stuffs).

And that’s it. Have an amazing weekend. Refuel, recharge, make sure you do something fun. We’ll be taking a long hike and then visiting our favorite haunts about town. What describes your perfect weekend?

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