Shameless Marketing: Kiddo Edition!

So this week I hit a wall on my etsy store. I’m waiting on my shipping supplies so I can refine all my shipping profiles. In the meantime I turned my attention to my Zazzle store, which I had allowed to languish.

And I deleted everything.

Not quite, actually. I just said that for dramatic effect. I did make a lot of changes though. I opened a new store exclusively for kids featuring my Alphabet Series and Doodle Friends and removed those designs from my other store (fear not, I added my mandalas and roses and am busily working on more awesome designs).

Alphabet Doodle Design "A" Baby Blanket

I like all my stuff, but you guys. This blanket is adorbs.

Alphabet Doodle Design "F" BooginHead Pacifier

You need this pacifier in your life.

Alphabet Doodle Design "I" Wall Decal

One of the products I had in my other shop now available exclusively in WordyDoodles.

Kid's Art Design, "Dash Flash" 2 Inch Square Button

My kids wanted to design something so my son drew this.

Kid's Art Design, "Flower Swarm" 2 Inch Square Button

And my daughter drew this.

Happy Saturday!

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