Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

My head is a sponge. My head is a sponge.

If I say my head is a sponge will it become a sponge? I need sponginess, so all the information I’m throwing at my poor, archaic head sticks.

I’m referring to Photoshop and all the lingo that comes with graphic design. I have a book, I have the program, I have YouTube, and I know people who know Photoshop. And all those terms. And I’m not that old, but I certainly feel like those who are more aged than myself when they can’t figure out the credit card machine.

I shall conquer. I refuse to be a technological dinosaur type-thing.

And without further ado, the links and things that inspired me this week:

Font vs Typeface (And 14 Other Design Terms We Always Get Wrong) I knew the difference between lettering and calligraphy (although to be honest I liberally use both when I’m tagging writing of any sort) but not the rest of these. See my paragraphs above where I try to convince myself that I’m a sponge.

10 things about being an artist that art teachers don’t tell you. I found this interesting, because I fall into neither extreme. I’m not wildly successful, but I’m not starving either. I’m digitally literate and growing more so. My portfolio is looking better. I feel good about this.

Simple isn’t always frugal. This this this. I don’t like spending money (Himself laughs at me when I say this but it’s true). I do like investing my money, and I feel that purchases that increase our quality of life are investments. So a trip to the bookstore for scones and coffees after a long run, a beautiful piece of artwork that had been speaking to me, healthy food for my kids-these are things I do without a qualm. The odd soda from the gas station, a new video game because we’re bored, eating out because I just don’t feel like fixing anything-these we try to avoid. Not always successfully, but we’re getting better.

How I Became an Artist. Such a good read. I love how he laid out the overall progression, and that it took him over a decade to get where he is now. (he also wrote an article about how you shouldn’t go to art school, something else you should definitely read) Like many artists, I know where I want to be, and I’m not there yet, and I (and everyone else) need to remember that it takes time, it takes practice, it takes patience.

If you haven’t checked out my Pinterest page yet, check out my Drawing Ideas board. If you want lots of art-in-progress photos, follow me on Instagram or Twitter (although if you follow me on Twitter you will be subjected to the odd comment or two and links I like).

Happy happy weekend! Art forth, my readers!

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