Announcing The Red Carpet Thingamibob.

The etsy shop reopens September 1 (next Tuesday!) so I’m going to roll out the red carpet for you and showcase some of the designs this week! I’m also tackling the logistics of a giveaway and will be announcing the details this upcoming Friday (it won’t be hard, I promise). This means I’m totally taking over the blog this week. Himself will return to his regular schedule next week.

I’m excited-I opened the shop in January with no clear vision and really no idea what kind of art I wanted to do. I needed to open the shop, though, because I learn best by reading and then by doing. Six months later and I have a theme, I have some pretty cool products, and I have a business plan! Albeit the mere outlines of one but still, it’s there.

And to whet your visual appetite:

The Celestials

sunp1 moonp1

Happy Monday!

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