Red Carpet Preview, Part one

One week to go! And then the etsy store will be reopened and life will be easy (haha). In honor of the countdown I’m going to trot out some of the prints that will be for sale. And for your convenience, a pricing guide:

5×7 Prints: $6+shipping

8×10 Prints: $10+shipping (unmatted giclee $35)

11×14: $15+shipping (unmatted giclee $45)

There will be bundles of various products as well but for that, check out the store when it opens;)

(A note on shipping: I’m using etsy’s calculated shipping feature, and because my store isn’t open yet I can’t see what the prices will actually be.)

The Mandala Designs



Don’t they look amazing?! Check back tomorrow for another Red Carpet Preview!

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