Oy. Adulting is hard.

So something caused part of our backyard to become a watery sludge. It might be our neighbors, might be the city, we’ve called a plumber but they’re taking their sweet time getting back to us.

 Here you see the space where our bed used to be. Himself has wanted to switch to a sleeper sofa for years so our room has more of an office look and I finally consented. So we sold our lovely bed (and the new sofa doesn’t arrive til the 26th /sob).
 Here you see half of our books neatly stacked against the wall. Our bookshelves-purchased during the college years, scratched and battered but still serviceable-are gone. Where we’re going has built-in bookshelves.

  Here you see our laundry, clean but still damp because we were dealing with the backyard and the laundromat closed down. We were at the laundromat because we gave away our new washer/dryer since our new abode has them on-sight (and no connections). I’ll put them out in the sunlight tomorrow.
And it’ll all be good. We’re excited, full of adrenaline, but last night we both completely checked out, myself in front of Netflix and Himself in front of a game. Because adulting is hard.

And it’s Tuesday. Almost there.

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