Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

This week. This week has been hard. We’ve moved before, many times, I know the routine, I know the drill, but this is the first time we’ve added selling a house to the mix. Himself is confident the process will go well, and I am too, but I’m still stressing out about it. Add in a cranky toddler and bored kids who aren’t doing school (I pushed our start date back to October to lessen my stress levels-hahahahahahaha) and you have me near tears.

But we’ll get through this, it’ll be great, we’re almost there, we’re getting rid of stuff, the detritus of years of moving and not enough time to properly comb through it. We’ve gotten rid of old furniture that served us well through college but was clearly showing wear and tear. We’ve gotten rid of things we liked but didn’t absolutely love. It’s going to be great, it’s going to be great, it’s going to be great.

I’ve been reading articles, but frankly only two stuck out to me this week:

Help Kids Escape Poverty This is a cause we fully support. I don’t like talking about our charitable activities, it seems wrong, like boasting, but yes, we do support kids through Compassion. We’ve seen one graduate, we’ve got tinies, we’ve got ones in the middle. It’s not enough-there are so many kids who need help, both here in America and across the globe-but it’s a step. I highly encourage you, if you’re able, to sponsor a child, either through Compassion or another reputable organization.

When you feel a bit selfish for pursuing your calling I was homeschooled growing up. My mom did a great job, my brothers and I are rather smart, we’re doing well for ourselves, yadda yadda. But. Back then homeschooling was a religious thing. Nowadays that’s not the case, people homeschool for varying reasons, but I remember receiving a very strong message that homeschooling, staying home with your kids, focusing on the home, those were the only things that were worthwhile. I rejected that notion, mostly (don’t ever call me a homemaker, it’s a dirty word to me), but here I am, homeschooling my kids and being the primary caregiver. I frequently wonder if I’m doing these things because I truly think it’s the best option, or because I’m reverting to what I grew up with. Whatever the reason, I quickly discovered that focusing only on those things led me to depression. I cannot be a SAHM. I know some love doing that, dream of doing it, but not me. So I opened my etsy store, I have plans for becoming a better artist/expanding what I do, and life is fun again. I am a poster child for not neglecting your calling. You need to be you, before you can adequately minister to the people in your life, whatever that looks like.

And Happy Friday all. Art on!

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